In the modern world people tend to think that social issues about discrimination and privilege on skin colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, political/religious view and/or social class are specifically addressed to Mid-Eastern and African countries’. But contrary to common belief, that’s not what actually happens.

If you believe that the police force is there to protect you from no matter what, you have white male privilege; if you don’t feel uncomfortable holding your long-life partner’s hand in public, you have straight privilege, if you don’t find yourself troubled in a situation that you simply don’t know what bathroom you should go to in the mall, you have cisgender privilege, if you don’t count your money every single day because you don’t think you have enough money to eat for the rest of the month, you have social class privilege; the list of dos and donts goes on almost endlessly for minorities. Minorities are thought to be just misfits that do not want to fit in the social standards yet they are the most criminlized by us.

Of course that’s not correct. The problem is right here in front of our own eyes, we just choose to ignore it (or are way too blinded by our privilege to see it) so we don’t have to handle it; social indifference is almost as bad as murder and I’d dare to say fascism. I’ll talk you through a recent event that happened behind our homes, in our backyard, we heard it happening but we opted not to care, “let the cops handle it”.

Michael Brown was a 18-year-old young man that was shot to death by the very own people thatDestaque2 SHOULD be protecting him, the police corps. His last words were “Please stop shooting! I do not have a gun.”, and even though he begged for his life he still got brutally murdered; isn’t it rather odd that a teenager was shot down by his own safety-keepers just because? He must have had something wrong, what was wrong with him? He was just with his friends, hanging out on a warm Summer night in the Bronx, right? Why did those who were supposed to bring community peace brought death to such a tender life? Well, after thinking and analyzing facts it becomes quite obvious. Michael Brown was black and if his friends hadn’t run for their lives (literally), they would have been shot down too.

And, unfortunately, this is not the first nor the last case of racism from the NYPD towards black people. Eric Garner and Michael Brown were just two cases of police brutality that luckily got more visibility but this list is overwhelingly infinite. Hundreads, even thousands, of black-american people have been put down and even when black youth protest against this discrimination and try to change in the world, it is when the great slaughter intensifies. I tis wrong and we need to stop it now.

Now my question here is: are you willing to give up your privilegie to fight for equality? Are you ready to stand up against the Establishment and abolish discrimination? It’s all up to you, to all of us! Let’s join hands and make this world, a better world.

Júlio de Lucena (12ºB)

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